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Bringing Loxone excellence to Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK and beyond.

Loxone Home Automation

Proud partners of Loxone, smart-solution enthusiasts and makers of dream-come true moments, ESE-NRGY has your smart space essentials at the ready.

Today is the start of something special for your space.

Smart home automation

Control your heating with the touch of a button, create the cinema room of your dreams and secure your sanctuary with ease.

Let your Loxone home automation system manage your energy systems for example Solar PV, Ev Charger and your appliance loads. Our Loxone smart home solutions are the future of living, and we cannot wait to share these with you.

"Smart home automation is the future."

Commercial Automation and Control

When running a business, serving customers and making moves in the world, it’s crucial your space matches your ambition.
With our Loxone smart solutions available for commercial use, you’ll stand out from your competitors with ease and create an experience that your customers won’t ever forget.

"Creating spaces that inspire greatness."

AV control:

We see the future of living as one that’s easy, simple and efficient. Our AV Control solutions allow you the opportunity to access every device within your home from one space.

Living a life of luxury has never been so achievable.

"Every platform, every device and every memorable moment, controlled from one easy place."

Automated Lighting

Lighting has the power to transform a space from bland to brilliant. With our advanced automated smart lighting systems, we can create ambient spaces, practical spaces and spaces that reflect your vibe, with ease.

Simple changes that make huge impact.

"Light Your World Your Way"

Intelligent Audio/Visual:

Listen to your favourite music in every room, create spaces that reflect your ethos and watch your favourite film in an unmatched quality.

At ESE-NRGY, there’s no room for mediocrity, and our intelligent audio and visual solutions prove that. Home automation that places you at the centre.

"When visuals and audio work together, your interior becomes superior."

Electrical Inspection and Testing

For us, here at ESE-NRGY, we value your space, we care for your safety and we understand what works and what doesn’t.

Our electrical inspection and testing services are designed to give you knowledge, understanding and practical solutions to make your energy work harder for you. Underpinned by integrity, supported by a deep care for your goals.

"Safety, efficiency and electrical systems that work for you, always."

Proud Partners of Loxone

ESE-NRGY supplies customers with a wide range of smart-solutions to make every space a brilliant one.

We are proud partners of globally respected Loxone, offering smart solutions and Loxone home automation to the highest level.

Take some time to learn about what we offer, and get in touch today.

Take some time to learn about our renewable energy solutions, and start the journey to a more effective, ethical and brilliant way of living today.

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