Powering Ireland:
Solar Panels and EV Charging Solutions

ESE-NRGY prides itself on understanding the power and brilliance that Renewable Energy Solutions bring to our communities and the wider world

Renewable Solutions

With advancements in technology and our access to world-changing systems, we have the ability to make a difference to our personal lives and the future of our plane with some super simple steps.

Take some time to learn about our renewable energy solutions, and start the journey to a more effective, ethical and brilliant way of living today.

Solar PV

Our team have the specialist knowledge you need to supply you with Solar PV systems built to last. Solar PV panels turn sunlight into electricity which can power your world with ease. Our team provide solar panel installation in Ireland, the UK and beyond.

A smart choice for your pocket and an even better choice for our planet.

'Harnessing the power of sunlight to power our world.'

Hybrid System

The power of a perfectly installed Hybrid Systems is unmatched and here at ESE-NRGY, we’re excited about how they can transform your energy use.

Renewable energy, cultivated with ease.

'Systems that improve efficiency, performance, cost and value.'

Battery Storage

Renewable energy battery storage solutions bring our contemporary community the opportunity to manage renewable energy like never before.

Reduce waste, use energy responsibly and take worrying about your power-usage off your list.

'Capture the power of renewable energy, and use it when you need it most.'

EV Charging

Install a reliable, easy to use EV charging port at your home, premises or within your local community, and trust that ESE-NRGY are the team to do it. EV charging for home, for the road and for a brighter world.

The future is electrical and we’re here to make that transition an easy one for you.

"Electrical vehicles welcome a bright future."

Energy Audits

We each have a responsibility to use our energy wisely, but you shouldn’t have to worry about this alone.

At ESE-NRGY, we provide customers with a comprehensive energy-audit, to establish where your energy is going and how we can improve efficiency, cost and reduce waste.

We’ve got the answers you’re searching for.

Curious about your energy usage? We have your covered.

Solar PV Explained

ESE-NRGY has your smart space essentials at the ready.

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