At ESE-NRGY, we believe that all things are possible.

If you have an idea, we’ll work hard to make it your reality. Take a moment to get to know us and the values that underpin our ethos.
Jonathon McKenna of ESE-NRGY

The Who

ESE-NRGY was founded by John McKenna. 

With over two decades of experience within the electrical industry, John was eager to use his expert knowledge, passion and drive to create something new, exciting and useful for real people across the world. John has had the opportunity to supply industry giants with electrical solutions across Ireland, the UK and Europe, and has worked for some of the globe’s biggest names in pharmaceutical, oil and gas and large commercial brands. Brands include Rio Tinto, Kelloggs, Dublin Airport and HSE Ireland, to name but a few. 

“I want every ESE-NRGY customer to receive ultimate value, outstanding service and solutions that genuinely make their lives better. This work is truly changing lives for the better and the entire team feels so strongly about helping people realise their vision.”

The What

ESE-NRGY supply both smart home solutions and renewable energy solutions to homeowners and business owners alike. As well as this, the team offer inspection and energy audit services, to ensure that customer’s spaces are safe, efficient and that every client is getting the most from their systems.

With an eye on a bright future and a better world for all, ESE-NRGY has partnered with globally respected Loxone, to deliver sensational smart home solutions to families and businesses who are searching for safer, easier, sustainable electrical solutions. 

The Why

“For us, it’s all about celebrating and championing the vision that every client has. We don’t like to say no, here at ESE-NRGY. If we can make it happen, we will. There are so many ways this technology is changing lives for the better, and we feel incredibly proud to be leading the way, showing people the possibilities and making things happen.

We’re masters of what we do, but we also value every client’s opinion, idea and input. Collaboration breeds excellence and we understand that many minds create masterpieces. At the crux of everything, is helping people. We want to help people lead better, brighter lives, and we’re proud to be doing that.”

“There’s truly something special when we see how smart lighting changes a space from a room to a sanctuary. Or when a customer comes to us with an idea for their office space, to help inspire their employees, and we make it happen. Smart systems are bringing spaces to life and we’re excited to be a part of it.”

Client Trust